Coming from the Midwest, Chicago’s very own REKKHAN is emerging from the underground to take over the entertainment industry.

Rekkhan is an Actor , Music producer, Artist, Author , Motivational speaker, and a Social activist..

Coming from humble beginnings, Rekkhan was never a fan of the limelight. Rekkhan always wanted to see the next person shine. Being approached by music managers and A & R execs for his original perspective and word play. , Rekkhan started ghostwriting and producing music for up and coming artists . From selling tapes from his car, to underground mix tapes, to the majors. But only by accident , decided to become a artist himself .

Starting his career in the 90’s, on the South side of Chicago..Rekkhan started writing and making music as an escape for what was going on outside his window and to keep himself out of trouble. A way of getting out of an environment of poverty, gang banging, drug dealing, and overall hopelessness. And after being in some situations that could have ended in jail time or death, Rekkhan realized it had to be a better way and decided to take his life and career seriously.

“We all deserve more”

Rekkhan, on his own start hitting the local talents shows and local radio stations. And was introduced to the studio in the early 90’s.A new environment, Rekkhan picked up little tricks every time he stepped in the studio. One of his first songs was played on WGCI 107.5 FM , on the Chicago talent portion of the evening show. Rekkhan has been focused ever since.

Rekkhan is known primarily for his achievements in the music industry. Starting his own Entertainment company , Rekkcognize Entertainment , Rekkhan is able to control all aspects of his music career. With 4 commercial albums to date, “Rekkcognize” (2006), “Rekktify” (2012), “Rekk City” (2015), & “Rekkquiem” (2018). Rekkhan is putting his destiny in his own hands and letting the people know that good music will shine regardless… Rekkhan is now becoming a force for the masses.

“I’m dangerous because i care”

Rekkhan is showing his versatility not just as an artist and producer, but also jumping in the acting game to make himself an all around entertainer.

As most successful musicians seem to do at some point, Rekkhan starting acting in the late 90’s on low budget independent films. Doing extra , background ,and stand in work on films like D.O.A.P. , “Mr 3000″, starring Bernie Mac and Angela Bassett ,”Widows” starring Viola Davis and Michelle Rodriguez , “Captive State” starring John Goodman, and “Rampage” starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson. You can also see Rekkhan also on various television shows including ,”The Chi”, “APB”, “Southside”, “Chicago PD/Fire/Med”, & “Electric Dreams”.

One of Rekkhan’s greatest accomplishments as an actor was being chosen to play a music engineer, producer ,and right hand man for Shine (Xzibit) on the hit television show “Empire” (2015). Rekkhan started on “Empire” at the end of season 2. Then became a featured recurring character in season 3. Currently in its 5th season, Rekkhan continues his role as the head engineer for the Empire company.

“Do what you can , while you can”

Writing books and developing screenplays for movies and television, Rekkhan is all over the place . And adding video directing to his resume . Rekkhan has directed videos for his singles, “Rise Up (Chitown Anthem)” , “Requiem” , “Play Your Position” , “Boom Boom Clap” ,”Jill Scott”, “Rekktify” trailer, “Rise Up preview”. Rekkhan is somebody to look out for.

“Sometimes you just gotta do it yourself. You don’t wait for an opportunity , you create an opportunity… So what are you waiting for?”

With influences like NWA. Ice Cube ,2PAC, The D.O.C. Run DMC, Scarface, Eazy E, Rakim, Outkast, Heavy D, Ice T , KRS ONE, LLCool J, Public Enemy, Kool G Rap, Gangstarr, Big Daddy Kane, DMX, Slick Rick, WuTang, EPMD, Redman, Jay Z, Nas, Notorious BIG, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Mos Def, Eminem,. Busta Rhymes. And on the production side , His mentors Prince , Dr Dre.. Rick Ruben, Jimmy Iovine, DJ Premier .Timbaland, Pharrell ,Teddy Riley, Havoc, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Just Blaze, RZA, ,Dark Child,

You can say Rekkhan is all of these artists put together. With real insight, vivid, thought provoking lyrics with the ability to give you a clear picture of what he is saying. From pain, sadness, inspiration and drama. Rekkhan is an open book/movie/artist with vivid lyrics with a need to know basis attitude. Get to know Rekkhan.

“I can’t be like you, i can only be me..I’m a survivor because I was raised to be one .Teach them “how to”,not “can I’,The gift of independence. And If i’m considered a loner because I choose to do my own thing,, then I wear that badge proudly.”

Coming from a single parent home, Rekkhan learned to grind at an early age. But admits he got all his hustle and drive from his mother.

“All I know about game and hustling, I got it from my mother. She schooled me in her own way how to maneuver in life. She told us if we want to get anything, you got to get it yourself. That way you owe nobody.. Nothing worth having is easy to obtain.. Stop worrying about what people think or say about you. Creativity is our strength, Use it..Be you , Do you , All the time..”

Like they say what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

“I’ve caught a few bullets, so what…I’ve been through unimaginable pain. And I know my trials and tribulations have just begun. I’ve been through it all, my music reflects that. But I’m still here. It has to be a reason for that. And the people that listen to me understand because they know. That’s all that matters . And I’m going to shine from that.. My legacy comes from the people I’ve touched or influenced in some way.”

Tupac said, “I guarantee, I will spark the brain that will change the world.” You know what. Check the flame, REKKHAN is here.

“I’m untouchable baby, like me or love me, it doesn’t matter ….I’ll see you when i see you..The game’s over———– Stop playing”


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